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Best Additives Natural Preservatives for Food Products Retain Flavor Gravy Sauce Dessert

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Natural Preservatives

Megafood Natural Preservatives Description

1. Features natural preservatives (natural flavors) with fresh-keeping function; 
2. It is formed by catabolizing hydrocarbon compounds by special microorganisms (fermenters, probiotics, etc.); 
3. Product indicators fully meet the relevant requirements of the national flavor standard GB 30616; 
4. Improve and maintain the flavor and texture of food; 
5. Small dose of bacteriostasis, large dose of bacteriolysis, dual effect; 
6. Natural fermented products are safer; 
7. Replace traditional preservatives and clean food labels; 
8. The dual active ingredients of bacteriocin and organic acid; 
9. Unrestricted use and wide application range;

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Product Parameters

Product Name Natural Preservatives(Natural Flavor) Model 1.01,1.50
Appearance White to cream powder Moisture,% 0.1-10
Resource Natural Preservatives PH,% 7.5-9
Grade Food Grade Sugar,% 12-15
Function Food Preservation Fungus,cfu/g,≤ 100
Transport Package Neutral Carton Yeast,cfu/g,≤ 100

• Sour cream, fermentation milk:015-0.3%
• Cheese and reproduction cheese: 0.2-0.3%(can be used with traditional preservatives  )
• Bechamel, mayonnaise:0.3-1%;
• Non-alcoholic beverages,fruit beverages: 0.05-0.2%
• Candy and jelly:0.3-0.5%


Advantage Application
• Increase the shelf life of products
• Control acid after yogurt.
• Prevent milk stick products from mildew, yellowing and soft texture caused by microbial reproduction;
• Ensure that the taste of sauces is stable and consistent.
• Reduce and replace the use of traditional food additives. 

Suggest Process
In the pre-treatment stage,it can be mixed with sugars,stablizer
s, ect. to participate in the dissolution of ingredients, and the subsequent normal process is performed. 

 * No addition of chemical synthetic ingredients, ingredients list of purification products. 
 * Broad-spectrum antibacterial, low dose antibacterial, high dose lytic bacteria.
 *Not affected by any processing technology(acid,heat,salt,shear ect.);
 *In the bread and cake products, it has the dual effect of keeping fresh and keeping wet;
 *During the shelf life, it can inhibit the acidity increase caused by the growth of lactobacillus.
 *Easy to dissolve in water, can be directly added to the brine quickly dissolved.
 *Not effect on products flavor. 


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