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Full Refine Microcrystalline Waxes Food Grade Micro Wax with Cheese Coating for Preservation

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Full Refine Micro Wax


Food Grade microcrystalline wax is made by solvent deasphalting oil of heavy fraction of petroleum or vacuum residue, refined by solvent, dewaxing, deoiling, and then refined by clay or hydrogenation. This product is white in color, non-toxic no odor, good stability, low oil content, has a certain degree of toughness, in line with food safety requirements.

70# micro wax (1)


Microcrystalline wax is characterized by low hardness, good flexibility, tendency to plastic flow, high elongation and good flexibility under stress. In addition, microcrystalline wax also has the characteristics of high gel strength to oil products.

The microcrystalline wax has high molecular weight, high viscosity when melting, and fine crystalline structure in solid state, and the microcrystalline wax with lower melting strength has toughness, elasticity and dryness, and forms stronger heat seal than the pure paraffin wax Moreover, these waxes have no definite transition point in solid state, and their melting/curing strength range is wider than that of paraffin waxes, which makes microcrystalline waxes suitable for food industry.


In the food industry, it is mainly used for chewing gum, gum base production, food protection coating (i. e. , cheese coating for preservation) , fruit coating, beverage coating, milk cartons, meat and poultry coating, bread wrapper coating, paper containers (E.G. , ice cream, milk and juice cartons) and can lining.



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