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Premix Probiotics Powder for Mouth Oral Health

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Probiotics Powder for Oral Health


Probiotics are a kind of active microorganisms beneficial to the host, which are colonized in the human gut and reproductive system and can produce exact health effects to improve the microecological balance of the host and play a beneficial role in the gut. The beneficial bacteria or fungi in human body and animal body mainly include: Clostridium butyricum, lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, lactobacillus acidophilus, actinomycetes, yeast and so on. At present, the most powerful products studied in the world are mainly composite active probiotics composed of all kinds of microorganisms mentioned above, which are widely used in the fields of biological engineering, industry and agriculture, food safety and life and health.


Application Field: 

Bioengineering, industry and agriculture, food safety.


Improve intestinal health, enhance immunity, fight infection, balance bacteria, lose weight, oral health, skin care, etc


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