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Yak-milk Nutritional Ingredients for Dry Blends Snack Foods. Yak-milk Nutritional Ingredients for Dry Blends Snack Foods.


Yak-milk Nutritional Ingredients for Dry Blends Snack Foods.

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Yak-milk Nutritional Ingredients

The Value of Yak Milk Powder:

Yak milk powder using original ecological natural grazing pastures in plateau area of high quality yak milk, made by modern dairy processing craft, taste is pure natural, milk incense rich, rich in conjugated linoleic acid, protein, lactose, milk calcium, lactoferrin, immunoglobulin, unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins and other natural nutrients, high digestion and absorption rate, particularly suitable for higher nutritional requirements of growing children, maternal, the elderly, high strength, low resistance people workers.



It is richer in protein, casein, and fat than cow milk. High contents of colloidal and soluble calcium and phosphorus are other advantages that make highly suitable for cheese-making. The milk fat of yak at very high altitudes is richer in polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

Item Benifit
Health Benefits Antioxidative effect, Favorable for infants, Helps to gain weight, Absorb of Calcium & Vitamin B
Other General Benefits Favorable for infants
Hair and Beauty Benefits-Skin care Natural moisturizer, Gives a smoother skin
Hair and Beauty Benefits-Hair care Not Available
Nutritional Importance & Uses Used in the preparation of Yak milk soaps
Nutritional Importance Contains high levels of Fat, Good source of protein, Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, Vital source of vitamins


Yak Milk has a wide range of applications including reconstituted milk, fermented milk foods, yogurt, ice cream mixes and confectionery products.
• it is extensively used as an ingredient in bakery products, dry blends and snack foods.
• Has consistent and uniform composition, which is imperative in consumer packs and formulated products.
• Is an ideal milk source for any situation where a regular liquid milk supply or refrigeration is not available.



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