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Factory Direct Feed Grade Nutrition Supplement Probiotics Clostridium Butyricum

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Feed grade Clostridium Butyricum


Probiotics are an important factor for gastrointestinal health and even body health of pets. [1] In natural environment, animals can supplement probiotics by ingesting a variety of raw food. As dog food, cat food and snacks eaten by domestic pets for a long time are processed food, the intake of various food additives will continue to destroy the balance of intestinal flora of pets, which is prone to gastrointestinal diseases such as constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia and gastroenteritis. So it is necessary to supplement your pet with probiotics every day to maintain the health of your stomach and stomach!


Products Process: 

1. Acceptance of raw materials       2. Dry(if necessary)           3. Prepare the ingredients

4. Blend all ingredients                   5. Sieving                           6. Filling packing

7. Foreign object detection            8. Outer packing                9. Finished goods inspection       10.Put in storage

Scope of Application:

1. Intestinal tract: regulate intestinal flora, protect intestines and stomach, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, promote digestion and absorption, and eliminate various situations caused by gastrointestinal disorders in pets. It has good curative effect on diarrhea, constipation, acute and chronic enteritis in dogs and cats.

2. Immunity: improve picky and partial food, promote the production of various digestive enzymes, vitamins and nutrients in the body, and enhance immunity.

3. Stress response: reduce various stress reactions caused by weaning and refueling, immune deworming and environmental changes, such as diarrhea.

4. Bone: dysplasia, brittle bone disease, cartilage damage, anti-inflammatory drugs, fracture healing, etc



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