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  • Amazing Sour Carrageenan Gummies
    Introducing the latest sensation in gummy treats: Sour Carrageenan Gummies!Irresistible Sourness: Get ready for a tangy explosion in every bite! Our Sour Carrageenan Gummies deliver that perfect balance of sourness that will make your taste buds dance with joy.Made with Carrageenan: Derived from nat Read More
  • What are the types of acidic food acid regulators?
    Food acid regulators can increase taste comfort by adjusting the acidity, you can get beverage products with the right taste. So what are the types of food acid regulators? The following is a detailed introduction. Here is the content list:l Citric acidl Malic acidl Tartaric acidl Lactic acidl Aceti Read More
  • What are the functions of a food sour agent?
    A food sour agent, also known as a pH regulator, is a substance used to maintain or change the acidity of the food. Sour noodles added to the lye are the acidity regulator. It is mainly used to control the food-required acidifier, alkali agent, and salts with buffering effect. Each acidity regulator Read More
  • What are the factors affecting the acid flavoring agent?
    An acid flavoring agent is a food additive that can give food acidity and control the growth of microorganisms and is a kind of acidity regulator. Acidifier food in the main flavoring, appetite, to promote digestion and absorption of the role. In addition to adjusting the acidity, but also improve Read More
  • What are the effects of probiotic supplements?
    The intestinal tract is the largest micro-ecosystem in the body and its normal and dysfunctional nature has a pivotal impact on the health and longevity of the body. Probiotics can regulate the gut and promote healthy intestinal function. The following details the benefits of probiotic supplements. Read More
  • Introduction of mold-releasing oil
    In our daily life, mold-releasing oil is often used. The mold-releasing oil we are talking about here is an oil used for food. When we make cakes or some pastries, we will use various baking molds, such as silicone molds, metal molds or paper molds, etc. It may not be so easy to mold-releasing oil, Read More
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