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High Soluble Natural Complex Lactic Acid L-Calcium Lactate White Powder

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Calcium Lactate in Toothpaste


Megafood LCF calcium lactate is a high-solubility natural l-calcium lactate, which is formed by the reaction of lactic acid and calcium carbonate. It is a high-quality synthetic calcium lactate.


Item Index
Calcium Lactate Content(C6H10CaO6) (in dry basis), % 98.0-101.0
Dry weight loss,% pentahydrate 22.0-27.0
Anhydride  ≤ 3.0
Calcium content,% Pentahydrate ≥ 13
Anhydride ≥ 18
Water soluble Passed Test
Free acids and free bases Passed Test
Volatile fatty acid Passed Test
Chloride (CI) /% 0.05
Sulfate (SO4 meter) /% 0.075
Fluoride (F meter) /% 0.0015
Magnesium and alkali metals, /% 1.0
Iron (Fe meter) /% 0.005
Arsenic (As) mg/kg 2.0
Lead (in Pb) mg/kg 10.0
Heavy metal (in Pb) mg/kg 20


White powder or crystalline granules, tasteless or almost tasteless, slightly moist, soluble in water. At room temperature 10% calcium lactate solution will not appear crystallization, its water solution is colorless tasteless transparent liquid.


Product Features:

1)Neutral taste, water high stability and high bioavailability, is a variety of sports and health drinks, fruit juice, weight loss food, infant and child products in the nutrition enhancer.

2)For liquid milk, fortified calcium, will not affect the flavor of products, will not cause protein precipitation;

3)As a gel promoter and enhancer, used in Jelly, gum and SURIMI products, adjust PH value, promote product Gel, increase gel strength.

4)Used in toothpaste products, can prevent the loss of minerals in Enamel, tooth health.


Food Industry application:

1) As approved hardener, thickener, flavouring agent and leavening agent.

2) Also used to regulate acidity levels in cheese making, such as baking soda (baking powder) , which is used as a buffer and is therefore a component of baking powder. It is commonly used in a variety of foods and beverages as a supplement for calcium fortification.

3) It can also be added to fresh fruits as a preservative, such as cantaloupe, to keep it firm and extend its shelf life, calcium chloride can cause bitterness.

4) Calcium lactate is added to sugar free foods to prevent tooth decay. When added to chewing gum containing xylitol, it increases the remineralization of tooth enamel.



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