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Introduction of mold-releasing oil

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Introduction of mold-releasing oil

In our daily life, mold-releasing oil is often used. The mold-releasing oil we are talking about here is an oil used for food. When we make cakes or some pastries, we will use various baking molds, such as silicone molds, metal molds or paper molds, etc. It may not be so easy to mold-releasing oil, and it may damage the cake, mold-releasing oil will be used at this time. So, let's take a look at the introduction of mold-releasing oil. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

Selection of spraying method.

The amount of mold-releasing oil used.

Mold-releasing oil is also suitable for home barbecue.

The quality of mold-releasing oil is strictly guaranteed.

Selection of spraying method.

Compared with the professional mold-releasing oil, the traditional manual application has a very obvious gap in terms of controlling the amount of use and covering the uniformity of the mold surface. Professional mold-releasing oil can atomize the oil into very small oil droplets, and use the smallest amount to cover a uniform and dense oil film on the surface of the mold. Mold-releasing oil can, by its high viscosity, produce a good gripping force on the mold, so as not to damage this vital film due to the expansion of the volume of the bread and cake during baking. However, the traditional manual application method cannot uniformly cover the surface of the mold and the amount of oil used is not easy to effectively control.

The amount of mold-releasing oil used.

There is a special phenomenon in the use of mold-releasing oil. The mold-releasing oil effect is not linearly related to the amount of mold-releasing oil used. Too much or too little will affect the effect of mold-releasing oil. If the amount is too small, a complete oil film cannot be formed on the surface of the mold, or a stable film cannot be formed. This film is easily damaged during high-temperature baking and loses the effect of isolating the product from the mold. The effect of mold-releasing oil. If you use too much, it is easy to accumulate more mold-releasing oil at the bottom of the mold, and the frying phenomenon will be formed locally during baking, and the bottom will be separated from the product. During the cooling process, the layer of cake crust detached from the bottom is easy to adhere to. In the mold, it affects the appearance and quality of the product and brings considerable difficulties to mold cleaning. In summary, the application of mold-releasing oil in the production of bakery products has the advantages of good mold-releasing oil, low dosage, maintaining the quality of bread and cake products, improving the production environment, and protecting production equipment. This aspect has obvious advantages compared with the traditional grease used for mold-releasing oil. Of course, in the use of mold-releasing oil, if the above influence factors are properly handled, mold-releasing oil will surely be more widely recognized and applied.

Mold-releasing oil is also suitable for home barbecue.

Mold-releasing oil has suitable viscosity and excellent adhesion. It will not flow to the bottom when spraying molds on toast boxes and other molds in advance, which can greatly extend the service life of the bakeware and save equipment investment costs. Mold-releasing oil is also suitable for home barbecue. Mold-releasing oil sprays the surface of raw meat, seafood, fish, etc. In the family barbecue to reduce the adhesion during barbecue. But be careful not to spray open flames, which may cause the flames to run high to avoid danger.

The quality of mold-releasing oil is strictly guaranteed.

The quality of the mold-releasing oil of Megafood (Shanghai) Health Technological Co., Ltd. is strictly guaranteed. It can be sprayed directly on the bakeware or mold. When the temperature is above 60℃, it can automatically use gravity to release the mold. Thorough, time-saving, and trouble-free, no mold, no slag, easy to use, sanitary, and high efficiency. The usage amount of mold-releasing oil is 1/3 of ordinary grease, which effectively realizes environmental protection, energy-saving, and cost-saving. In addition, the bread and cakes made with the mold-releasing oil mold can extend the shelf life, make the surface of the product attractive, smoother and more even.

Our official website is https://www.megafoodsh.com/. If you are engaged in mold-releasing oil-related work or want to learn more about our company, you can contact us on the website. Our cost-effective products are well received by everyone.

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