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What are the factors affecting the acid flavoring agent?

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What are the factors affecting the acid flavoring agent?

 An acid flavoring agent is a food additive that can give food acidity and control the growth of microorganisms and is a kind of acidity regulator. Acidifier food in the main flavoring, appetite, to promote digestion and absorption of the role. In addition to adjusting the acidity, but also improve the acidity, improve food flavor, inhibit bacteria (antiseptic), anti-browning, buffering, chelation, and other functions. So what are the factors that affect the role of acid flavoring agents? The following is a detailed introduction.


Here is the content list:

l Food taste

l Temperature

l Concentration

l Composition


Food taste

The taste of food is roughly composed of sour, sweet, bitter, fresh, salty these five basic components, in addition to spicy, astringent, numb, and other physiological sensations, generally the tip of the tongue is the most sensitive to the sweet taste, the tongue on both sides of the sour taste sensitive, the tip of the tongue to the tongue on both sides of the salty taste sensitive, the root of the tongue is more sensitive to the bitter taste, usually, the general people can feel the lowest concentration of an aqueous solution of the tasting material is called the threshold.

Sour taste and sweet, salty, bitter taste and other taste sensations can affect each other, sweet and sour taste easily offset each other, sour and salty, sour and bitter taste is difficult to offset each other. Acidic taste mixed with certain bitter substances or astringent substances (tannins) can enhance the acidic taste.



Factors affecting acidity are various, generally, the temperature has a small effect on acidity, the threshold at room temperature compared with the threshold at 0℃, citric acid acidity is reduced by 17%, while quinine hydrochloride produces a 97% reduction in bitterness, salt has an 80% reduction in saltiness, and sugar has a 75% reduction in sweetness, acid has a multiplicative effect with sweetness and an extinction effect with saltiness.



At the same concentration, the acidity intensity of various acid flavoring agents is different, mainly due to the effect of the anion dissociated from the acid flavoring agent on the sense of taste. Therefore, the acidity of one acid cannot be completely replaced by the acidity of another acid by equal weight or concentration. Comparing the acidity intensity of different acids at the same concentration, the order is: hydrochloric acid > nitric acid > sulfuric acid > formic acid > acetic acid > citric acid > malic acid > lactic acid > butyric acid. If the acid strength of citric acid is set at 100 at the same concentration, the comparative strength of tartaric acid is 120-130, phosphoric acid is 200-300, Yohimbe acid is 263, and ascorbic acid is 50.



In addition, acid flavoring agent molecules according to the presence or absence of hydroxyl, carboxyl, amino groups, the number of different positions in the molecular structure, and produce different flavors make acidulants not only sour, sometimes with bitterness, but astringency, etc., such as citric acid, ascorbic acid, gluconic acid also has a mild and rounded sour taste, malic acid with a slightly bitter taste, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid, Yohimbe acid with a slightly astringent taste, acetic acid, propionic acid with a slightly stimulating odor, succinic acid, glutamic acid with a fresh taste.


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