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What are the functions of a food sour agent?

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What are the functions of a food sour agent?

A food sour agent, also known as a pH regulator, is a substance used to maintain or change the acidity of the food. Sour noodles added to the lye are the acidity regulator. It is mainly used to control the food-required acidifier, alkali agent, and salts with buffering effect. Each acidity regulator's lightness and sourness characteristics are different. The following are details of the functions of food sour agent regulators.


Here is the content list:

l Enhancing food quality

l Buffering effect

l Gel effect


Enhancing food quality


Food sour agents have many functional properties to enhance food quality, such as changing and maintaining the acidity of food and improving its flavor; promoting antioxidant effects to prevent food rancidity; complexing with heavy metal ions to prevent oxidation or browning reactions, stabilizing color, reducing turbidity, enhancing gelling properties and other effects. Food acid flavoring agents have - certain anti-microbial effect, although the acid alone to inhibit bacteria, corrosion required concentration is too large, affecting the sensory properties of food, it is difficult to apply, but when sufficient concentration, the choice of certain food acid flavoring agents and other preservation methods such as refrigeration, heating and so on with, can effectively extend the shelf life of food. As for the choice of different acids, it depends on the nature of the acid and its cost, etc.


Buffering effect


The effective application of food sour agents is mainly controlled by the desired characteristics of the food, usually, organic acids and salts with buffering effects are the main ones. And because many organic acids are normal components of food, or participate in the normal metabolism of the human body, and therefore safe and widely used. China's approval of the use of food acid flavoring agent varieties. Previously there is a gap compared with foreign licensed varieties of similar species, mainly the lack of a variety of organic acid salt. However, at present, China has strengthened the application of development, such as Shanghai Megafood Health Technological Co.Ltd, to use the existing varieties, for different food ingredients, developed with their different flavor characteristics and popular food.

The stimulation threshold of acid taste is expressed by pH value, which is around 3.4 ~ 3.5 for inorganic acid and 3.7 ~ 4. 9 for organic acid. Most foods have a pH value between 5 ~ 6.5 value in between, although it is acidic, there is no sour taste feeling, if the pH value is below 3.0, the sour taste feeling is strong and difficult to be palatable.


Gel effect

When there is a certain amount of pectin and sugar, acid is the key condition for gel formation. To prevent flocculation and agglomeration in the production of fruit juice concentrate, the conditions of coagulation caused by pectin should be controlled. So food sour agent can make pectin gelation, so it can be used to make a fruit cake, jelly gel state of jam and puree, etc.


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